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Darlene JohnsonAuthor Darlene Johnson in First Person.

My name is Darlene Johnson. I am the author of two published novels, Dream in Color and As We Lay. My debut novel Dream in Color was originally self-published through my own company, Brandywine Publishing. As the result of an aggressive promotional campaign and word of mouth, Dream in Color and the bestselling novel, As We Lay were picked up and published through Random House's imprint, Strivers Row.

I've been on hiatus from publishing after the release of my second novel. I took the time off to focus my attention on my family and professional development. I've also used that time to really focus on becoming a better writer. For me, as an author, it is not enough to simply publish a book. It is important to tell a compelling and honest story with broad appeal. Every scene that is shown and every word that is written, matters. Fiction can be an incredible escape into unknown worlds far and near; they can also be transformative and healing. When I write, I write with those ideas in mind.

Although I've been away from the publishing scene, I've never stopped writing. Writing is a tremendous part of who I am. I am mom. I am a technology professional. I am a writer. Writing is not an escape for me, it is a connection. Over the past few years as I've continued to write draft after draft, I feel my voice and my writing hand have matured. I hope those who have supported me the first go 'round, will rediscover me and get to know my new cast of characters. I believe their stories will be just as compelling as Victoria's (Dream in Color) and Breck's (As We Lay).

Every scene that is shown and every word that is written, matters.

I've created this website to serve more than a repository for my novels. This website is also a live blog and journal where I will talk about things that matters to me. For this I will channel Anna Wintour and the late Nora Ephron. I admire these women not for their fame, but because they have mastered their craft and they've used their voice to support worthwhile causes. You know where they stand about love, politics, and religion. To do that is not only courageous, it's oftentimes necessary in order for those who are creative to continue to create.

I call the beautiful Salt Lake City, home. Please visit again soon for more information on the release of Journey Through Babylon and By the Waters of Zion.

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