Gays, blacks, the Bible, and a Duck

WritingI’ve been silent about this as I watch all the drama unfold from the sidelines. Now, with an Alabama lawmaker moving to formally honor Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, it’s time for me to speak my piece. To be clear, I don’t watch nor do I care to watch, and I’m pretty darn sure I will never intentionally watch Duck Dynasty. Scripted Reality-TV isn’t my thing. I have other ways to waste my time.

Phil Robertson didn’t just make comments against homosexual people. He also said that black people were happier when they were subservient to whites, with the social prowess that could only be equal with classless white people. They went from being subservient happy Godly folks to welfare queens and worthless people who only wants government handouts. That part of his statement got swept away by the supposed infringement of his religious freedom because of his views about gay people.

The uproar isn’t that Phil Robertson voiced his bigoted 1st Century views about race and homosexuality. The uproar is that there was uproar about his bigoted 1st Century views about race and homosexuality. So, is there a lesson to be learned here? For me, it simply reiterate what I’ve known to be true all along; that for certain segments of the population, it is okay to make derogatory comments about them and chances are you will not suffer any consequence for it, and may even be rewarded for it.

It is okay to make comments against or discriminate against gays and lesbians because the Bible gives you the right to. It is Freedom of Religion to not afford our gay and lesbians friends the same rights and liberties afforded to heterosexuals.

It is okay to make comments about blacks or African-Americans or wave the Confederate Flag and claim it is part of your culture heritage or ‘Freedom of Speech’. If black people raise awareness of racism they are accused of playing the race card or inciting hatred and they just need to ‘get over it.’ Racism isn’t racism until it is called out by a white person.

It is okay to call Muslims terrorists, militants, and suicide bombers and enact laws that’s reminiscent of the WWII era when Japanese Americans were put in internment camps. A Muslim fighting in a war will always be referred to as a militant and never a soldier.

A member of Congress can call Mexicans wetbacks, and not be required to resign. Another can reduce them to the size of their calves because they’re carrying drugs over the border…and he’s still in Congress.

Phil Robertson has a right to choose not to understand homosexuality. He has the right to have his views about race. The Bible is used to justify homophobia in much the same way it was used to justify the institution of slavery. If you use the Bible as absolute about gays and lesbians, then you have to be absolutist about adulterers, women, killing people who are not Christians, killing atheists, sacrificing your first born, getting tattoos, eating shell fish….the list goes on.

It seems to me that many Christians pick and choose what they’re going to be absolute about. The problem that Christians face is when they will stop allowing their Bible to be used to justify ignorance?