Journey Through Babylon

A novel by Darlene Johnson

A novel by Darlene Johnson

Synopsis (from back cover):

Five years ago, Alexa Alexander had been getting closer to her family than ever before. Brought up in a strict Christian household, her parents’ inflexibility about the “rules” had left her feeling like an outsider in her own home. Then just as they had begun to relax their grip, her hope of building a relationship with her mother and father was crushed, along with her faith, when she lost both of them in a tragic automobile accident. Enough time has passed that she has now begun to rebuild her life, surrounding herself with new friends and new loves. Will her friends’ faith help Alexa overcome the anger of feeling that God has betrayed her? And will new love bring her hope, or simply more betrayal?

Poignant, provocative, and edgy, Journey Through Babylon explores the emotional minefield where faith and reality collide.

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