Obama vs Obamacare

WritingI have to admit, I’m one of those democrats that is quite miffed at the WH for the ‘fumbled’ roll-out of the ACA website. Don’t misunderstand me, I support the ACA 100%, but the way the website was rolled out is inexcusable. I don’t have any sympathy for the people who are crying about losing substandard policies. I say, let ’em keep it since they liked what they had so much. They just better pray they never have to use it–and if they do and end up getting dropped or hit with an astronomical bill because they thought they were covered, then too bad. They can’t come crying on the shoulders of the consumer protections provided by the ACA. All the clichés come to mind, reap what you sow, be careful for what you wish you, you might just get it, etc. Whoa, went off on a tangent there. Back to what I was saying.

The republicans have tried to repeal the ACA 40+ times. It is mystifying to me that the project management of the roll-out of the website wasn’t top notch. It is inexcusable. If you have 49 million uninsured people, you would think that the first order of business would be to have servers that could handle at the very least, 5% of that at any given time. It’s basic IT. I won’t get into procurement and all that other stuff, but you get the point. Anyway, I sometimes wonder if the President suffers from some sort of abandonment issues. It is like he wants to wake up one day and suddenly the parent that left has returned. In this case, he wants to wake up one day and suddenly the Republican Party likes him.

No, President they hate you. They hated you yesterday, they hate you today, and they will hate you tomorrow.

Every day they wake up they are reminded that the President of the United States is black, the instructions they read are in both Spanish and English, and Mike Brady was gay. Their world has changed, is changing and worst yet, was never what they thought it was in the first place. They say they want to return the country to what the founding fathers intended. Well, in the days of the founding fathers people that were different were burned at the stake, blacks were shackled, women didn’t vote, and the red men were killed for their land. Yeah, that’s what they claim they want to return to, or at least some semblance of it.

If you were white, they’d love you. Hell, you gave the kill order for Osama bin Laden! You’d think that would have appeased them. Instead, there are deniers that say he’s not dead or that you should have captured him alive (and put him in jail where, I wonder). They wish it was Bush. They wanted it to be Bush. It wasn’t Bush. They’re even trying to convince themselves that Iraq had WMDs. Maybe they gave them to Syria, they’re saying. Pity the fools. No, you had to go and kill America’s number one enemy and all the others fall away too. They hate that. They call you socialist, mostly because they don’t understand the meaning of the word. A more socialist president would have given us Medicare for all instead of the market-driven ACA that involves insurance companies competing for business. After-all, competition is the heart of capitalism NOT socialism. Government takeover of healthcare my ass. Again, another tangent. Back to what I was saying.

You may be wondering why they hate you. You are, after all the opposite of what they think of black men. You are HIGHLY educated, articulate, dresses well-no hoodie, you’re still married to your babies momma, you may have been a beneficiary of Affirmative Action, but you paid it forward when you graduated from Harvard Law by going to work as a community organizer in the low-income neighborhood that nurtured you instead of heading off for a more lucrative gig that would have paid you a six figure income and paid off your student loans. Yeah, I’m thinking about John Grisham’s The Firm (See Senator Rand Paul, that’s how you cite sources). Your humble roots seem to suggest that you pulled yourself up by your sneakers. Perhaps it is because you’ve never claimed to have pulled yourself up by your own sneakers that they hate you so much. You never claimed to have built that by yourself. I have bad news for you Mr. President, that’s not it either.

They will wake up one day and Texas and California will look like it did before the Alamo. The Dixie Democrats that became the modern day Republican Party fear that just as much as they feared desegregation. They’re hanging on by the tread of gerrymandering and voter suppression laws. It’s their modern-day Alamo and they intend to fight it to the last drop of someone else’s blood!

So, you see, Mr. President, you’re the bastard child that was never supposed to amount to anything. TARP passed because it started with the Bush. Not to mention the real leaders of the American political system, Wall Street, had the American economy in a noose. The ACA was never supposed to pass. Not because republicans don’t agree with personal responsibility, after-all the ACA was their idea before you changed your mind about it and supported it. Hell, even one their own passed it into law in Massachusetts and said, at the time (before he became a presidential candidate and had to run away from it because YOU modeled the ACA after it) that it should be a model for the country. The conservative think tank that scores politicians that support anything you have your name on, the Heritage Foundation, wrote the darn thing. So, why would they hate it? They don’t hate it, Mr. President. They hate you. It is a hard hard hard fact, but it is time for you to take that deep breath and embrace it the same way a child embraces that an absent parent isn’t coming back.

So, why, I ask again, did you allow your people to fumble the roll-out of the ACA website? Did you think the republicans would all of a sudden embrace the ACA and actually begin working with you like the democrats worked with the republicans on the roll-out of Medicare Part B? Wishful thinking Mr. President. And by the way, good luck in getting John Boehner to put any meaningful legislature on the house floor for a vote over the next three years. Don’t pity John Boehner for being held hostage by a bunch of crazies. He’s implicated in the scheme. They will punish you for passing something this big. Again, it’s not because they hate the idea. It was their idea. It’s because YOU, the bastard child who was never supposed to be president, name is on it.
The Dixie Democrats can’t go home to their districts and be seen as the person who worked with the black guy in the White House. Take it personal. It is personal. Why else would they not vote on or vote against things that an overwhelming number of Americans support? They can’t do it because YOU are in the White House.

When you leave office, there will probably be a comprehensive immigration bill, a farm bill, a budget, feasible amendments to the ACA, an infrastructure bill, stimulus, a raise in the minimum wage, and no utter of the word, deficit, which by the way most of them don’t know the meaning of anyway.

To save your presidency, you have to begin by putting your middle-finger up at all them and remember that the best revenge is success. They’re not going to like you and they’re not going to help you, so get it done. Or at the very least, make sure IT GETS DONE. History will be kind to you.