Write something else

WritingIt’s been nine years since my last novel, As We Lay was published. Since that time I’ve lingered between the write, rewrite, write something else, what am I writing about, phases.  I started on a novel, I believe it was called, All that Glittersback then and not long after I started it, I scrapped the proposal. I had an idea in my mind about the novel, but I struggled connecting the story. That story eventually became something else. Again, I had a story, but something wasn’t connecting.  This went on for several years. Have any of you fellow writers ever gone through something like this? I hesitated calling it writer’s block, but as I research the condition I have to concede that that’s exactly what it was.My writer’s block took on many characteristics over the years and for a very long time I was in denial about being afflicted with the condition. It’s nine years later and I finally have a finished product that I’m excited about and anxious to share with the former and new readers of my work! It’s been too long. I sometimes cannot believe how long it’s been. In fact, I had to look at the copyright date of the original edition of As We Lay to confirm the release date. As the saying goes, ‘Time stand still for no man’.

I’m excited about By the Waters of Zion and excited about diving into discussions about the novel. I believe this novel was well worth the wait. As I read the novel, it feels good. It feels like the novel I’d been trying to write for the past nine years, but just couldn’t quite get there.  When I wrote the last line of the last paragraph of By the Waters of Zion, which has only been tweaked over the years and through numerous versions and titles, I thought that this is it. This is the story I’d been trying to write, and it was worth the wait and worth the patience it required to stick with it.

Throughout, I never gave up on writing. I am a writer. I am best when I’m writing. I knew that I would write a story—this story or some other story.  I knew I was going to write. It was important to me to write THIS story. I kept at it until I finished and I reread it and t felt right. I kept listening to the characters’ whispers. Those whispers became inspiration to keep trying to get it right. Like every writer, I felt like it Alexa’s story was worth telling. I didn’t want to give up on her and I’m glad she didn’t give up on me.

This is my first blog for my new website. The goal is to blog often about various topics. I am free spirit with varied interest and at times I’m fiercely political with a biased opinion. My opinions are my own and I do not pretend to represent the opinion of anyone else, not even my children. Welcome to my new website. I hope you enjoy the new novel and stay engage with me. –Darlene